About us

Welcome to this site which focuses completely on the nature found on the island of Curaçao. This island lies 150 kilometres north of Venezuela in the southern (Dutch) Caribbean. This island is situated in a dry ("xerophytic") zone which starts in the Westside at a point southwest from Barranquilla in Colombia, enhances the Colombian peninsula of La Guajira until Maracaibo in the south and continues over the peninsula of Paraguaná to encompass all the islands of the southern Caribbean until Isla Margarita in the east. The island is situated at 12 degrees 15 minutes North and 69 degrees West

This semi-arid island of course has its own eco-systems which contains several bird species, plant  species and other animal-species. In the sea surrounding the islands lots of fishes, corals and other animals are to be found.

Several keen wildlife photographers are sharing their pictures on this site, in order to show you the beauty and splendour of wildlife in this part of the Caribbean. If you own wildlife pictures from Curaçao that can contribute to this site, you are very welcome to share them via mail. If you can contribute facts to our database, please send them in to our e-mail (mentioned on our "about us" page)

This site is made and maintained by www.aycronto.com. This site is the result of photographers personal interest in plants. What first started as a collection of bird pictures, the site soon incorporated a large part of the birds on curacao. It now results in a site where the beauty of all kinds of birds is preserved and shown. This site was never started as a commercial site.

The search searches through all database records on the names. The search function will be updated in the near future with more options. From the search results, you can make a choice, which brings you to details page of the selected item.
The search funtion checks for the following language names: latin, dutch, english, french, german and papiamento.

For some birds we have some special pictures, such as egg pictures, action pictures and nest pictures. If this is the case, you will see the apprpriate buttons on your right.