Summary: Sicalis flaveola (female)

Latin name: Sicalis flaveola (female)

English name: saffron finch
Papiamentu name: saffraanvink
Dutch name: saffraangors, saffraanvink

Size in cm including bill: 14
Bill size in cm:
Wingspan in cm:
Tail size in cm:
Egg clutch:
Egg clutch size in mm:

Origin of picture:
Location: in gardens in julianadorp
Observation time: april 2005

Taxonomy of Sicalis flaveola (female)

  • Root: Theropoda
    • Superclass: Coelurosauria
      • Class: Aves
        • Superorder: Neognathae
          • Order: Passeriformes
            • Superfamily: Passeroidea
              • Family: Fringillidae
                • Subfamily: Emberizinae
                  • Tribe: Thraupini

Photos of Sicalis flaveola (female)
loct.: in gardens in julianadorp