Summary: Chaetodipterus faber

Latin name: Chaetodipterus faber
Author: Broussonet, 1782

Synonym: Chaetodon faber
Author: Broussonet, 1782

English name: atlantic spadefish
Dutch name: schopvis
Spanish name: pag√ľara
French name: disque portuguais
German name: Spatenfisch

Total length: 50
Weight (gr.):

Origin of picture:
Location: marine / reef

Taxonomy of Chaetodipterus faber

  • Superclass: Gnathostomata
    • Subclass: Actinopterygii
      • Root: Neopterygii
        • Root: Teleostei
          • Root: Euteleostei
            • Order: Perciformes
              • Suborder: Acanthuroidei
                • Family: Ephippidae